What really matters at the end is what we truly are inside of us.

How truly pure, our heart is, and how true we are.

How the true love for our fellow humans and other creatures can flame our entire being.

What really matters at the end is, our thirst for the Truth, Justice, and True Love.

The house will stay and can be destroyed at any time point by any terrible event.

The car gets old, and not fashionable at some point or even breaks through an accident.

Jewelry and others goods, we may have here will stay on earth.

The majority of our material and physical achievements will just stay here.

Our parent, family, friends, and partner will go from here or we will go first because we are not eternal on this earth.

Our physical bodies decay with age or can get destroyed by a terrible accident, by a terrible virus or diseases that we cannot control, then in our human sense, the same physical body gets ugly or only source of suffering until our soul leave that specific body.

The city, the country, the nationality, our body envelop, our ethnic group will all stay here but we will only take the experiences we have made in this body.

Even a church or religion stay down here and more likely will disappear with time or maybe have a different form.

Instead of dying every day, one should be reinforcing the intensity of the flame of his aspiration toward the Light every second one has the grace to breath.

Nothing in the physical world is eternal but everything physical is submitted to change.

Therefore, it does not make sense to get attached so badly to things that can cause us pain instead of joy and there, even though they can give us joy, one should always have higher goals beyond the temporary joy of this material world.

Material possessions are not bad but one should not enslave himself to the possessions he or she may have in the way as they can be the cause of the destruction of the conscience we deservedly acquired or even the main goal of our entire existence.

At the end of the day, what really matters is our intrinsic values, the way we have developed our ethic values and our spiritual being which is the true us.

If we have developed virtues, we will take them with us.

If we have developed true love, we will take it with us.

If we have developed purity of our heart, we will take it with us.

If we have developed honesty and kindness, we will take them with us.

If we have developed courage, we will take it with us.

If we have developed compassion for others, we will take it with us. And so on the list of values that enriches and ennobles our true us is long.

Opposite to that, all our wrong actions are also going to be waiting for us if we do not change on time when we have really learnt from them as we can also learn the Law through the reciprocity of our past wrong doing.

Yes, what matters at the end it is what we truly are and not all the false, fake considerations of this physical world that we may have.

If one would only see the love behind and can conceive the treasure given to us, to enrich ourselves in the matter and to be here on earth in a physical body, one will not waste a second running blindly with so much energy wasted behind the pursuit of material wealth, power, pleasures, and joys of this world.

Therefore, one will get as much as possible wealth in developing his or her spiritual values, developing is true spiritual personality rather than spending his or her entire life time on earth running behind material goals, trophies, power, and glory. Live simple, grateful, and joyful for the gift of life.

A simple breath of gratitude and the heart directed toward the Highest is the beginning of giving back.

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