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Webbplatsen kommer snart att översättas till svenska.

the Grail Message

English version of the original Edition in German*:


Original translation by Freeman-Eales,
called for this by the Lord. Only the typos were corrected.

*(The French version of the original Edition in German was translated
by Lucien Siffrid, himself called for this work.)


About the translators

Is not a translator of the Grail Message who wants it or who feels at the height of this task!

As we see, this requires a call, therefore a clear and unambiguous authorization that leaves no room for any arbitrary personal will. Special qualities are required for this work.

This is of great importance because only a translation that vibrates entirely in accordance with the original Grail Message in German can guide the reader's spirit in his personal understanding, and therefore, in the direction that will take its personal evolution.
The correctness of the translation is thus just as important as the logical and pedagogical order of the lectures given by the Author.

That is why we only promote translations authorized by the Light!

The answer to these questions lies equally in the 1931 Grail Message itself to those who are sincerely seeking it, and in the intuitive experience that the reader will have to the reading of the entire Message by reading it in the order given.

The 1931 Grail Message teaches us the Natural Laws and it vibrates fully itself in these same Laws, in the Cross of Truth. The same is true of the wise order of conferences. And so must it be with the translations into various languages which must be in conformity with the original Text in all its explanations and notions. If we experience inserting ourselves into these same Laws, then it will appear to us more consciously, and we will be able to recognize the authenticity of this Book with the strength of our personal conviction.

Today, the authentic Grail Message is clearly available in several languages, in accordance with the original Form. So this Form takes into account the order of the conferences, the accuracy of the translation and the presentation of the Book itself! Let us then leave behind all these old attempts at translations whose time has passed, and which are the consequence of a narrow way of thinking that belongs to the old.

Every serious researcher is and must be alone, facing himself, to be able to make this observation in the calm of his inner being for love of the Light.

Each researcher will also be able to find in the new Texts of the Luminous Heights the support he needs to help him go deeper into the Teaching of the Message, objectively.

Let us question ourselves seriously in order not to stagnate in the doubts and all sorts of intellectual conceptions that revolve around this subject!


Contents of the Grail Message:

- Preface

- 91 lectures
- Appendix

- The Ten Commandments
- Life
- Terms used in The Message of the Holy Grail


The bandage falls away and belief becomes conviction. The mind only feels itself free and at peace when it is convinced. I am only addressing serious seekers. They must be capable and willing to judge from an unbiased standpoint. Religious fanatics and irresponsible enthusiasts may hold aloof, for they are only detrimental to the truth and, as for the malevolent and the prejudiced, they will find their sentence in the Word. This message will only touch those who have a grain of truth left in them, and who wish to represent a human being as he should be. To all such it will be a lamp to their feet and a staff in their hand, and will safely lead them out of the chaos and confusion prevalent today. The following exposition does not promulgate a new religion, it is intended as a guide for all hearers and readers to the way upwards, to the longed-for goal. Only he who starts of his own accord can advance spiritually. The fool who appropriates and makes use of the ready-made opinions of others, is like one who dismembers his own sturdy legs and walks on crutches. As soon, however, as he boldly summons his slumbering abilities (they lie waiting to be called to help him), he is putting his talent to account in obedience to the Will of the Almighty and will easily overcome all obstacles that seek to deter him. Therefore awake! Right faith is conviction and conviction only comes after submitting a question absolutely impartially to the test. See that you are awake and alive in God Almighty's wonderful Creation!


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